Thursday, May 25, 2006

Myspace Idiots

I'm taking the first real post on this blog to spew my hate at myspace idiots. No, not everyone on myspace. I use it to keep up with people, let them know about events, etc. I mean the idiots. The people that live on the thing. The ones that insist that if you repost a bulletin Tom will descend from the sky through a hole in your ceiling like Emma Thompson in Angels in America to bestow a superpower on you of immense strength....or maybe just a top sixteen. Or people that have running conversations in the comments section. Just send me a message for christs sake or, here's an idea, pick up the phone! I don't need everyone looking at my page to know you're going to be late for your colonoscopy. Shit, no pun intended, I don't need to know that to begin with.

Also, stop with the myspace editors. Change a color or two? Fine. Putting ten thousand pictures of you and your boyfriend in one of those flash montages is annoying as fuck. I shouldn't need to upgrade the memory on my computer to look at your profile.

P.S. Myspace trackers don't work and how anal are you to want to know whose looking at your profile in the first place? If you don't want people looking then press the delete profile button.

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