Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hating the Word "Hate"

“I hate to use the word ‘hate,’ because it’s such a STRONG word, but I can’t stand it when…” You fill in the rest. I encounter these fucking morons ALL THE TIME. Like your crazy, “out there” semantics are going to confuse me into thinking you’re a nicer, better person than me because you refuse to use the word “hate.” First of all, by “hating” to use that word, you’re using it anyway. Perhaps that’s okay since the negative energy emanating from that horrible, horrible word is aimed right back at itself, but it’s the same as “hating” anything else. Brown people, polyester, sweaty cheese…it doesn’t matter. If you “dislike” it, or “can’t stand” it, you’re saying the exact same fucking thing. Call it what it is.

Anyway, who cares? Would my ramblings on about societal retardation really be that much more palatable to you if I water it down and simply say “Gee, I really can’t stand…” (again, fill in the blank). If so, I hate you too, asshole. You’re undoubtedly a hypocrite and a loser, and you’re probably trying to pass on a lot of other stuff in your life for something that it’s not. Like your sad excuse for a social life, your horribly empty, void relationship with your fat, ugly spouse, or your stupid, drooling, sticky children who you secretly know will never amount to anything except doe-eyed, accepting victims of the lowest common denominator that is the American psyche. Although you probably don’t even get that. You hate it when things are too hard to understand.

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