Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bluetooth Headsets

It used to be that when you saw someone walking down the street talking to themselves you'd either get the hell out of the way or start stoning them. Not anymore! Thanks to modern technology you can now communicate with people directly by speaking into the air....or really just into the little dongle on your head.

I'm all for safety and the ability to have a screaming match with someone while barreling down the highway at 80 MPH in a 2 ton piece of metal. What I hate are people that wear them all the time. You are not so self important that you have to take that call right this instant. You can tell the person to hold while you switch to your hands free device.

You sure as hell can't be expected to hear your calls when you're in a club or bar. You look like an idiot. Especially you guys in the shaved head crowd. The Empire Strikes Back was filmed a long time ago and Lando already has his assistant.

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