Thursday, May 25, 2006

Desperate Housewives

No. Not the TV show by the same name. I've only watched it enough to know I hate it, and the people that watch it. I'm talking about the real life women that really LIVE that life. The ones that come into the spa, and bitch the whole time about how much their husbands work, and how much money they just spent on redecorating the basement. Or that they just spent over $2,000 on trees to plant in their yard. TREES! Tress can't cost $2,000! Holy crap people! So, after listening to them bitch for an HOUR about their tough life, while the whole time I have their dirty, nasty feet 3 inches from my nose, they then leave me a five dollar tip, on a seventy dollar service.
Well crap. Maybe you should get a job, and stop sponging off your husband, and while you're at it, most people are tipping 15% now bitch. If I have to pretend to feel sorry for one more over-privileged, over-bleached bitch, I swear I'm going to stab them in their beady little eyes.

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