Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Drinks are on me!
Lemme see what you're twerking with
Look at those hips, make me smile..
Go 'head child and get your hate on!!

That's right, bitches, I'm bringing Hate Back!!

This fucking wet-sop masturbation fest of internet self-aggrandizement has gone too long with out my pure, unfiltered, never-diluted brand of unbridled, smooth, straight-up-no-chaser HATE.
It's become a social wasteland spattered with Blog-mines waiting for the trip wire to send off the blast of meaningless opinion-ship and fucking WHINING bullshit hucksters lamenting their favorite comic book movies. All you shitheels would've been kicked out of the highschool newspaper room with your ill-conceived drivel. You're embarrassing yourselves. Get off your computer, your mom needs to use America On-line, you fuck.

What happened to the internet that was hard to use and, therefore, weeded out the annoying fucks that we were all trying to get away from by GOING TO THE INTERNET? Now it's all reflected, bright-colored, Web 2.0!! Logo bullshit with "user-created" fuckall. I long for he days of clumsy HTML coding, blue underlined and often broken links against a repeating back ground of a 10x10px rock texture made in MS-Paint. I long for the Thought Police to shut down your blogs for expressing dissent. I long for an intelligent conversation.

Let's just sum this all up then: I fucking hate you.
Shut the fuck up.

Peace out,

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